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ELECTROLUBE  Product Service

Every solution is within our spectrum

With our expansive product range of formulated chemical products, we supply leading manufacturers of electronic, industrial and domestic devices for a variety of industries, thus offering the 'complete solution' at all levels of production. Through collaboration and research, we're able to continually develop new and environmentally friendly products for our customers.


Electronic & General Purpose Cleaning

Wash away the worry of contaminants

  • Flux Removal

  • Metal Degreasing

  • Flammable & Non-flammable

  • Bulk & Aerosol

  • Water & Solvent Based


Conformal Coatings

Enhanced protection for enhanced PCB performance

  • UL, MIL and IPC-CC-830 approved

  • Solvent removable and solvent resistance coatings

  • Acrylic, Silicone, Polyurethane and Hybrid Materials

  • UV cure and water-based options available

  • UV trace to aid inspection

  • Thinners and masking products


Encapsulation Resins

Meeting the challenge of challenging environments

  • UL approved

  • Potting / encapsulating

  • Sealing and protection

  • Cable jointing

  • Coloured and optically clear

  • Bespoke and ex-stock


Thermal Management Solutions

Created to perform when the heat is on


  • Non-Silicone Pastes

  • Silicone Pastes

  • RTVs and Bonding Products

  • Encapsulation Resins

  • 0.9 to 3.4W/m.K


Contact Lubricants

Switch to a superior performance

  • Extends the operating life of switches

  • Improves signal quality

  • Reduces operating temperature

  • Controls switch 'feel'

  • Prevents contamination

  • Silicone free


Maintenance and Service Aids

A total solution for maintenance, repair and overhaul

  • Syringes, pump sprays, tubes, aerosols, wipes, and pens

  • Air duster and freezer sprays

  • Cleaners and wipes

  • Greases and oils

  • Encapsulation resins and conformal coatings

  • Maintenance, test, repair and small scale production

  • Paints and galvanising sprays

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