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Sheet mica is used principally in the electronic and electrical industries. Its usefulness in these applications is derived from its unique electrical and thermal insulating properties and its mechanical properties, which allow it to be cut, punched, stamped, and machined to close tolerances. The leading use of block mica is as an electrical insulator in electronic equipment. Receiving capacitors use a slightly lower grade of high-quality muscovite.


          Mica sheets are used to provide structure for heating wire in heating elements and can withstand up to 900 °C (1,650 °F).

  • Mica tape

  • Mica roll

  • Mica paper

  • Mica plate

  • Mica parts

  • Mica insulator

  • Ethed foil mica heater

  • Mica heating element

  • Epoxy glass


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