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          According to customer’s specification, we produce precise individual die cuts based on the individual material which best meets the application requirements. These die-cuts are equipped with an appropriate pressure-sensitive adhesive and with a suitable liner. Depending on raw material, dimension and shape, die cuts are manufactured in different punching processes for small batches or high volumes. Selection criteria range from smallest die cuts to large surface cut-outs. Die-cut parts can be equipped with finger lifts to ease application.

          Due to our high precision CNC cutting systems we are able to offer individual freeform cut-outs made from our whole self-adhesive material range: Synthetic foams, cellular rubber, cork, etc.


Self-Adhesive Product for the automotive industry

In many cases adhesive bonding is the innovative and economic solution for the assembly of automotive parts and for connecting similar or different materials. Our delivery programmer ranges from paramount self-adhesive tapes, die-cut pieces and self-adhesive transfer films to surface protection films and self-adhesive metal foils which are appropriate for bonding on a vast variety of different surfaces due to well-balanced adhesive systems.  Various base materials are available: Synthetic foams and films made of polyethylene (PE), polyurethane (PU) and polyvinyl (PVC) as well as cellular rubber (EPDM) and aluminum, copper and lead foils. Extruded components made of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) or PVC complement our product range.

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